About Us

Hello and welcome to ‘A Reflection of You’, a small business owned by someone who just enjoys crafting unique pens and desk accessories for those who like out-of-the-ordinary gifts.

So who am I, exactly?

Well to start simply, my name is John and my workshop is located in the once market town of Ashford in Kent. It’s in my back garden, actually, so I still have great access to a cup of tea and some biscuits whenever I like. It’s nice to meet you!

From my humble workshop, I create and source distinctive and unique pens and desk accessories that stand out from mass-produced sameness. I hope my work will appeal to those that want to maintain or recreate their individuality whether in the office or at home. Many of the materials I use also have a history or story to them, so stay tuned in to my blog to learn more about them!

I can also be found on Instagram and Facebook, so make sure to check me out!

A photo of my workshop, the place where all my unique pens and desk accessories are made
The workshop.